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泉源:www.yuefengdiandong.com 日期:2018-1-4

(1) complete the whole vehicle debugging, check the electrical control line has no trouble, the electrical connection line has no breakage, if it should be removed in place.(2)调解前后刹车,确保刹车灵敏牢靠;
(2) adjust the brakes before and after to ensure that the brake is flexible and reliable.(3)车把转向能否牢靠,能否存在车把与前叉发生互相滑动的景象;
(3) whether the turning of the car handlebar is reliable, and whether there is a phenomenon that the handlebar and the front fork are slipping each other;


(4) the battery is regularly checked (one month in summer, once in winter, once every 2-3 months in winter). If the battery level is below the marking line, if we reveal the polar plate, we need to replenish distilled water in time. Be careful not to add acid, because every battery has adjusted the electrolyte concentration according to the ratio when the battery is out, adding acid will destroy the existing acid-base balance, cause plate corrosion and affect battery life.5)第一次运用时后轴变速箱内留意要加齿轮油,当前活期反省后轴变速箱有无漏油,密封垫破坏,短少光滑油景象,实时改换密封垫,增补光滑油。
(5) when using the gear oil in the rear axle gearbox for the first time, check regularly if there is any oil leakage in the rear axle box, seal the pad is damaged, and there is a lack of lubricating oil. Replace the gasket and replace the lubricating oil in time.(6)变速箱、电机链轮,链条定时加光滑油,如磨损严峻应实时改换,以免影响运用。
(6) gearbox, motor sprocket, chain timing and lubricating oil, such as serious wear and tear should be changed in time, so as not to affect the use.(7)整车螺栓活期紧固一遍,反省有无松动、零落景象,得当上防锈液,防止螺丝生锈形成生期检验困难。
(7) the whole vehicle bolts are fixed regularly to check if there is any loose and shedding phenomenon, and the proper antirust liquid is used to avoid the difficulties in the maintenance of life.

(8) clean the whole car and sassafras.

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