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泉源:www.yuefengdiandong.com 日期:2018-1-9

1, do not change the charger casually, do not remove the speed limit of the controller. The charger of each manufacturer usually has a personalized demand. Do not change the charger at random when you are not sure. If continued long trip mileage requirements, we must charge to different places and with a number of chargers, the day complement chargers to add a separate charger, and the original use of the charger at night. To remove the speed limit of the controller, although it can improve the speed of some cars, in addition to reducing the safety of the car, it will also reduce the life of the battery.
2, protect the charger. The instructions on the protection charger are covered in the general instructions. Many users don't read the instructions. They often think about the instructions after they have problems. It's often too late. So it's very necessary to read the instructions first.
In order to reduce the cost of the charger, now basically no design, high vibration resistance so that the charger is generally not on the electric bicycle and bicycle in the trunk.

In special cases, it is necessary to move and pack the charger with foam plastics so as to prevent vibration. After a lot of charger is vibrate, the internal potentiometer will drift, which makes the whole parameter drift and causes the charging state to be abnormal.
What's more, we should pay attention to keeping the ventilation of the charger when charging. Otherwise, it will not only affect the life of the charger, but also heat drift and affect the charging state. This will damage the battery. So, it is also very important to protect the charger.
3, charge it every day. Even if your continuous capacity is not long enough, it can take 2 to 3 days to charge a battery, but it is recommended that you charge every day, so that the battery is in a shallow circulation state, and the life of the battery will be extended.
Some early users think that the best use of batteries is to recharge them after they are basically used, but this is wrong. The memory benefits of lead-acid batteries are not so strong. The battery life has a great influence on the battery life.
The above technology support has all the electric tricycle prices. Please click on our official website: , we will have more contents to share with you..

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