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泉源:www.yuefengdiandong.com 日期:2018-1-12

The first four wheeled electric car battery to take, and to wipe clean with a rag, the next step is to open the cover, exhaust hole in general battery cover on the side, see there is a gap where the screwdriver word alignment gap, take the screwdriver by hand, the cutter head screws into the the exhaust hole, then turned upward, and then go inside to shoot, then Alice, do a few, four electric vehicles battery cover can be tilted down.
2, you will find six cap, but this time may bounce twice, fly out several rubber cap, so don't open the cover when the cover off and carefully remove the rubber cap, white is absorbent cotton, can not take off.

3, the next water can be made up, use a syringe to suck 30ml water, each hole plus 5ml.
4, the rubber cap on the rear cover, after doing well, can cover the upper cover.
5, dip the glue in PVC, and place a few glue on the lid and on the battery, then cover it.
6, loading the electric four wheel battery, loading the use of it. It's really urgent that second days in the morning, if you want to use the car, you can also charge immediately. If you don't rush to use the car and wait for 2 hours, you can charge the battery, so that the water can be well absorbed. The concentration of electrolyte in every position of the battery is the same.
Thank you for reading. The source of this article is: more information and questions about electric tricycles. Please click: , we will continue to work hard to provide services for you, thank you for your support.

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